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- Sungmin Ko
82 - 44 - 8651187

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C&G (clean and good) is a new technology organizing company producing organic food.
C&G has the target substances of each mushroom which are β-glucan and Codycepin.
Optimize the process of cultivation of each mushroom to increase the target compounds. 
Always put temperature, humidity, light, and co2 under control, and add elicitors to induce the target compounds in the media.
C&G usually use saw-dust based media to cultivate mushrooms.  
However, C&G also developed a new technic to use brown rice, corn, and insects as a substrate to culture mycelium of mushrooms which contain high amounts of β-glucan and cordycepi. Then, analyze the compounds to develop excellent ingredients in cooperation with Lotte Chemical and KIST(Korea Institute Science and Technology).

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